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What should he do?

People who break trust often have emotional issues in that they are likely not communicating or dealing with feelings. In many ways, people who break trust deceive themselves first before then lying to others and engaging in dishonourable actions. Of course individuals who have broken trust can look at this negative experience as a catalyst for greater emotional growth and healing in their lives. The broken trust was the crisis that resulted in deeper emotional issues coming to the surface. Now is the time to regroup, reflect, bring in counselling supports, and do even more deeper self-reflective work in the word of God. With pride, people often think they can do this work by themselves. Trying to do your own emotional work without other people’s support or perspectives is like the old saying trying to distinguish the forest from the trees. With help people can use these crash and burn experiences as a major force for healing as well as rejuvenation as they grow closer towards the full potential of their lives and the greater design God has for their lives.

Resources: Real Life Tool Box's E-Learning Courses And Virtual Supports

-Sex: Normal, Compulsion, or Addiction?

-The Road To Healing From Pornography

-Accountability Partner Training

-Complete a Commitment To Positive Action (CPA) Recovery Plan with an Online Wellness Coach with Real Life Tool Box Online

Real Life Tool Box online services at http://reallifetoolboxfaithbased.litmos.com/online-courses/

Real Life Tool Box website at http://www.livethechoicenow.com

-Read: "I Didn't Mean For This To Happen: How To Repair Your Life And Marriage When Trust Is Broken" (2012) By Cathy Patterson-Sterling.

Available at www.amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Didnt-Mean-For-This-Happen/dp/1477691278/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1354074250&sr=8-3&keywords=Cathy+Patterson-Sterling