How Did You Decide To Do Affair Recovery?
Brad: Actually, when I was a kid my parents divorced.  I was four years old when my mom decided to divorce my dad.  It was nearly 20 years after she discovered his infidelity.  

It had such a huge impact on my life.  I remember my dad lost everything.  He went from driving a great car and having money to driving a piece of junk van and living in a warehouse.  It was terrible to see how it devastated both my parents.  My mom got remarried to a terrible man.  I was left vulnerable to abuse.  

Later on, in high school, I decided to do something to really help families so other kids wouldn't have to experience the pain I went through.  That's when I began my search.
I never wanted to divorce.  I wanted to do everything in my power to never have to put my kids through the pain of separation.  It wasn't until college that I realized that if I wanted to never divorce I had to have a good marriage.  So I began studying relationships.

After undergrad I decided to pursue my education in marriage and family therapy.  I got my degrees and decided to start out by working with families and kids.  Right about then that's when I met Morgan.  
How Did You Meet?
Morgan: Brad and I met on a blind date when I was starting my last year in undergrad at the University of Oklahoma.  It's hilarious because the date was sort of instigated by my mom and his friend Mark.

Brad: It was love at first site for me.  I thought she looked 10x better in person then in her facebook photos.

Morgan: It wasn't as instantaneous for me.  I had gone through some hurt and wasn't really in a place where I was looking for romance.  I was really dating him because I enjoyed our conversations but I was preparing myself to leave the country and live in Spain.  I just wanted a fresh start.

Brad: I am four year older than she is and was already working with families as a therapist and so I was ready to get married.

Morgan:  We both had experienced betrayal and abuse in our past lives so we had some hesitations...mostly I did...but it was really great getting to know Brad.  I thought he was very handsome and hilarious.  But I did actually break up with him a few times while we were dating.

Brad: Yeah, she broke up with me three times actually.

Morgan:  I did.  You know when you've been hurt and your self-esteem is shot it can be hard to let someone into your heart.  It is hard to be vulnerable and that's really where I was at that time.  I was very afraid to be vulnerable and I was really trying to decide what I wanted in life.  It took me really sitting down and asking myself "do I want to be married, ever?"  The answer was yes.  Then I asked myself, "would he make a great husband and father?"  The answer was yes.  So I knew I couldn't decide exactly when the right person was going to come into my life.  Sometimes awesome shows up and you just have to learn to let it in.  Recognize it for what it is and muster the bravery to step into your fear and allow it to happen.  That is the real test.

Brad: Right, and I'm awesome.

Morgan: Yes, you are.
How Did Marriage Solutions Come About?
Brad: Well, we had started an agency hiring therapists to counsel families in rural parts of Oklahoma. But after a while I really wanted to go back to my first love which was counseling couples so I decided to venture into private practice.

Morgan: We were called Family and Life Solutions but when he made the switch to private practice we changed the name to Marriage Solutions.  During this time I was working as a career counselor for a non-profit.  After a short time of Brad starting the private practice he became very successful and well known for helping couples.

Brad: Yeah, I was so busy I couldn't answer my phone anymore or run the other parts of the business without getting home so late.  I was capped.  

Morgan: Right so we decided that it would be really fun to work together.  I quit my job and joined Brad in the practice.  Around that time we began researching and studying how to help couples heal after infidelity.

Brad: I got so many couples needing help after infidelity and we needed to do a better job helping them.  We started a radio show where we discussed affair recovery and after a while we developed a solid strategy for helping couples successfully heal in a very short amount of time.

Morgan: Yes, we've have recently re-edited the radio show and it's now a podcast you can download for free in iTunes.  

Brad: The methods we use are scientifically proven to work.  In the research we've found that 80% of couples fully recover after about 15-20 hours.  But what is truly amazing is that when the researchers spoke with the couples 3 years after they finished therapy 90% of them had maintained their improvement.

Morgan: That's truly exciting because people are getting better and STAYING better.  The investment our couples make with us truly pays off.  So much so that Brad is now the best reviewed couples therapist in the state of Oklahoma.  He is one of the best reviewed in the nation when you read our reviews online. I am so proud of you dear.

Brad: Thank you.  It's really a pleasure to work with couples.  I can confidently say that I can help you.  If you are willing to show up and do the work necessary then you can really heal.  You can have a relationship that is better then before the affair.  No matter how bad it seems.
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