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Quick Start Roadmap To Healing After Broken Trust
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Marriage Solutions - Brad & Morgan Robinson
2506 E. 21st Street 
Tulsa, OK 74012

Here's What You Get:
  • The first step is learning where you are on the healing journey, Module 1: understand the 7 stages of affair repair.  This is immediately available on the next page after check out
  • ​Understand the nuances of the process and how your responses are jeopardizing your relationship and your healing. No more struggle
  • ​What went wrong, what’s keeping you stuck currently, how to fix it, get unstuck, and how to make sure you never get blindsided by another affair again
  • ​You’ll weed out the roots of betrayal. What keeps a person going back to the affair partner instead of fully committing to the marriage
  • ​Then we explore what’s really keeping you fighting or avoiding each other
  • ​We give you practical advice on how to fall out of love with the affair partner so you can reinvest yourself back into the marriage
  • ​Then we give you the first steps to truly healing and moving on and the #1 Secret to Healing 
  • ​As you go along you will want to know if they’ve really ended the affair and ways to cut it off for good
  • ​We offer the right way to talk about the affair help you understand why people cheat and the mindset of the betrayer 
  • How to keep it together and manage the crisis 
  • ​Explore the question of should I stay or should I leave? 
  • ​We help you identify what will make your spouse stay or leave 
  • ​We talk about romantic love between you in the midst of pain and suffering 
  • ​So many people feel crazy as they work through the trauma of it all, how to manage the first 90 days 
  • ​Working through anger and resentment handling intrusive thoughts and moving forward addressing the myths 
  •  True forgiveness and so much more
  • ​It’s organized similarly to the podcast episodes and includes transcripts of the podcast, journal questions, and conversation starters for both partners.

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