Quick Start Guide To Healing Broken Trust
Make Sense Of The Affair And Talk About What's Important To You Without Everything Falling Apart

RE: Do you struggle with overwhelming emotions and racing thoughts?  Do you know conversations have to happen but they feel impossible?  

Dear Friends,

Now that the affair is discovered it can't be ignored.

This may be abundantly clear but still feels completely overwhelming to think about. 

How do we start a conversation about this and actually get somewhere?  How do we work through this without going crazy?

Right now you may be in a place where you’re still trying to make sense of your feelings and all the emotions that come flooding in at random times.

You may be trying to answer the flood of questions your partner has.  But nothing is good enough.

Can you ever get through this?

You try to ask the important questions but you seem ask the same questions over and over with not much progress.

You find yourself triggered constantly but without real tools to manage the upset.

You need more.

What Do You Really Need To Start Healing?  3 Things...

1. The ability to understand and organize your feelings and thoughts....so you defeat the overwhelm.
2. The ability to put your feelings into words....so you can get your needs met.
3. The ability to ask the right questions....so you can get the answers to the important questions.

Great News!  We Have 64 Audio Episodes And 120 Tools Designed Exactly For Healing Infidelity. (Finally) Heal So You Can Put This Behind You And Start Living Again....Here It Is...
The Audio Program

The content on our podcast was originally a complete affair recovery system. 

Episodes 1-24 is the core program that follows the 7 stages of recovery we outline in the first couple of episodes.

Episodes 26-41 are the episodes that cover outlying issues that affect the stages of recovery.

Transcripts to Follow Along

Follow along with the podcast audio by reading the transcripts and taking notes.

Organize Your Thoughts, Find The Right Words, And Get Important Answers... 
Conversation Starters

What it does...

  • Offers fill in the blank template conversations to organize the chaos
  • ​Conversation starters for BOTH partners
  • ​Helps discuss feelings and emotions about the affair
  • ​Allows you to practice putting everything into words without as much stress and fear
  • ​Delivered along side each specific audio episode inside the members area.  All available immediately.
Personal Journal Worksheet Pages 

What it does...

  • Helps to organize you and your partner's thoughts
  • ​Makes you feel more confident in yourself as you ask questions and give answers
  • ​Vent privately instead of saying things you don't really want to say
  • ​Make the most of the audio content
  • ​Delivered along side each specific audio episode inside the members area.  All available immediately.
Simplify The Process And Cut To The Chase With The Straightforward Quick Reference Guide
Quick Reference Guide

What it does...

  • Easy to follow and offers bite sized nuggets of gold
  • ​Takes 10 pages to break down each of the 7 stages
  • ​Tells you what to do and not do to ensure healing
  • ​Bullet points ensures that it doesn't become difficult 
7 Stages Infograph

What it does...

  • Visually explains the negative cycles
  • ​Uses colorful graphs to help you remember the 7 stages
  • ​Shows the complexity of emotion with a simple design so you can quickly redirect your conversations to the more manageable emotions
Understanding Why The Affair Happened
Understand Why

What it does...

  • It lists the important questions not to forget to ask
  • ​Helps you gain clarity and focus on what will matter most in the discovery process
  • ​4 important pages get to the heart of the matter
  • ​Helps to eliminate the confusion and keeps you on track
Who Is This For?
  • Both partners.  Both people in the relationship need help recovering from this betrayal in different ways.
  • Angry partners.  You may be really really angry.  You may feel like punishing your partner.  That's why breaking down the emotions on your own can be helpful before you have a deeper conversation.  
  • Moody partners.  Most people have overwhelming and fluctuating feelings.  This program was made for you.
  • ​Disappointed partners.  Maybe you've tried a bunch of things unsuccessfully.  This program is different.  
  • ​Stuck partners.  It's easy to get stuck in the overwhelm.  It takes the term "mind blowing atrocity" to a whole new level.  This program is meant to slow things down so you can get unstuck.
  • Leaning Out Partners.  Even if you're not sure if you want to work on the relationship you will want to heal.
How Is This Program Different?

Built By A Real Marriage Expert. 

The word "expert" is thrown around all over the internet these days.  How do you know you've found a legit expert when literally anyone can say they are an expert? 

Well, testimonials are helpful. We have those. 

Another telling fact is that we do affair recovery everyday...all the time. 

In fact, our family business is called Marriage Solutions.  We have two locations and 3 therapists who work with us.

We see couples in an office and talk with couples about their issues 30-40 hours a week.  We have a very good track record for helping couples heal over the long haul.

And we've been doing this for a decade. 

It's Thorough, Comprehensive, and Straightforward.

We tell you what to do...but still allow you to make decisions that are right for you.  It's not wishy-washy but also not offensive.

We believe that partners really truly want to heal.  But you will make the best decision you can with the information you have.  We want you to have all the information you need.  

We don't want you to live with regret.

Now You Will Have The Tools I Give To The Couples Who Come Into My Office

Whether you're in counseling now, thinking about it, or want to avoid it altogether you will have the tools to begin healing.

Begin Healing?

Yes, you must walk before you can run.  You need to be able to calm the overwhelm and decide if you want to work on things together.

But even if you've already decided on staying together these tools will be useful to you.

More Than Anything...You Need Courage

Courage to put one foot in front of the other day in and day out.  

Courage to keep going even when it feels impossible.  

Courage to love and accept love.

It takes courage to heal and believe a healthy relationship is possible...even with the person who has hurt you.

Courage to try something new.

We realize this so we've made it easy and safe to give us a try.

Are You Sure You've Tried Everything?

Maybe you feel like you've tried everything.  Talking about it.  Counseling.  Threatening.  Following Around.  Ignoring.

But there is one thing you haven't tried yet...

This Is What You'll Get When You Take This Step...
  • 64 Podcast Episodes
  • ​39 Of The Best Episode Transcripts
  • ​39 Conversation Starters, Quick Tips, Journal Questions - Betrayed 
  • ​39 Conversation Starters, Quick Tips, Journal Questions - Betrayer
  • ​1 Colorful Information Graph
  • ​1 Questions To Understand Why
  • ​1 Quick Reference Guide & Success Quick Tips

$97 $47

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we do this together or separate?
This can be done alone or together.  It is a good way to slowly begin working on things together. If you are for sure ready to work on things together then consider the master class HERE
Does it come in a physical format?
No.  In order to get it to you immediately upon purchase it's in a digital format only.  Plus, if it were to come in a physical format we would have to charge several hundred dollars just to recoup the cost.
When do I get the materials?
Immediately.  As soon as you hit the button on this page you will be directed to a check out form.  There it will ask for some information.  Once you complete the form and click the button you will be directed to the thank you page where your access information will be available to login immediately.
Do I need my partner to participate?
This program is very helpful for healing alone or with your spouse.  It is meant to help gently guide you towards good conversations about the affair(s) and about how you're feeling about things.
What if we need help along the way?
No problem!  Please call or text our office at 918-281-6060 9-6PM CST.  One of our staff members will be glad to talk with you and help you decide on the next best steps for you.

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