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  • ​12 Danger Signs That They Might Be Thinking About Cheating

Get Real Help To Heal After Infidelity.

The consequences are big for both partners AND how you handle the aftermath is crucial...

Betrayed? Do you struggle with:

  • Feeling like you'll never get over the betrayal?
  • Do you wonder if the pain will ever go away?
  • Wondering if you'll ever satisfy their needs?
  • ​With feelings of not being good enough?
  • ​Do you wonder if your life could ever get back together?
  • ​Do you wonder if you should stay or leave?

Unfaithful? Do you struggle with:

  • Do you feel like it's impossible to heal?
  • ​Do you wonder if you could ever make them happy again?
  • ​Feeling like you're never good enough?
  • ​Do you wonder if you should try to heal the relationship?
  • ​Do you wonder if you should just quit trying?
  • ​Are you afraid that if you work on the relationship things won't actually get better?

"We Need To Heal Us After The Affair(s)"

"Life throws us curveballs...but this is by far one of the worst pains a person can experience." - Lenna T., client

It can feel like you don't know your partner.  Sometimes affairs last for days, sometimes, years!  You may question everything about yourself and your life while the affair was going on.

Healing takes place in two ways - internal and external.  

You must dig deep to heal the hurts inside yourself and also with the relationship EVEN if you don't want to stay married or together...healing with your partner is helpful no matter what you decide.

It may sound counterintuitive.  We understand.  But consider this...

  • If you want to know why the affair(s) happened ask the right questions to the person who had the affair.
  • If you want to make sure betrayal doesn't happen again examine what led to it by understanding both perspectives.
  • ​If you have kids with this person you'll have a relationship with them forever as co-parents...so the relationship is important.

We hear people make the common mistake where they think..."they need to work on themselves before we can heal"

That's a dangerous place to be for several reasons:

  • You're putting the keys to your happiness in their hands.  You lose control this way.
  • Healing one person's issues doesn't take care of the couple issues because they're two different things

Okay, sometimes it's not possible to work together.  We understand.

We're not naive...we know it can be hard and sometimes impossible to work on things together...maybe they're still with the affair partner or you just don't want to.

...but if you can work together then it's a good idea to try...that's why we have two paths to help you in either situation...

Individual Path

How To Transform Your Life & Relationships Without Waiting For Your Partner To Get It Together

Together Path

Healing Broken Trust Master Class

"I Need To Heal Me Right Now"

It's okay to take care of yourself.  Sometimes you need to take care of your own healing before working on things as a couple.  

We totally understand.  A lot of people feel that way especially in the beginning.

Very likely you're the one who was betrayed.  But we understand in some situations the unfaithful partner feels this way.  Both are welcome here.

Is This You?...

  • You or your spouse aren't ready to work on the relationship
  • Maybe they’ve left for the affair partner
  • Maybe you’re too angry to be in the same room together

If you need help sorting out the details and understanding why on your own this path is for you.

It's time to reclaim your life, your happiness, and your hope!

How do you do that?  

It helps to organize your feelings and thoughts so you don't feel so out of control.  

We have two options for you...

Personal Healing Guide

Quick Start Guide To Healing Broken Trust

They Left For The Affair

Stop Your Divorce Ruin Their Affair

"911 Help Fast...We Have To Talk To Someone"

Do you need someone to look at your situation and help you right away?  

Not just anyone though...right?  You need someone who really knows what they're doing.

Maybe you've heard that most help is crap and therapists and coaches usually don't know what they're doing.

Why is that?

The answer is simple.  

  • They aren't focused on helping couples.  You don't want a jack of all trades.
  • They use old outdated methods.
  • They don't have enough experience

Where most fail we succeed.

  • We focus on couples issues.
  • We test and use the best researched most scientifically proven methods available.
  • We have decades of experience on our side.

All we do is work with couples and individuals in relationship crisis.  Specifically affair recovery.

Talk to someone this week.  Appointments with our therapists are 2-6 hours in length and can be with the couple or individual.  Prices vary based on the therapist you choose and their experience.  Meetings are virtual or in person. 

What to expect:

  • We are marriage friendly. That means we don't encourage or recommend divorce because that's a choice only you can make.
  • There's always two sides to every story...so we won't be "ganging up" or taking sides against anyone.

 For pricing and scheduling information click the button to learn more.

"We are here to help!  We've helped thousands of couples and individuals heal"

Free Episode Downloads

Free Episode Downloads

  • Quiz: Is Healing Possible For You?
  • ​​First Steps To Healing Guide
  • ​Am I Crazy? Making Sense of Emotions Reflection Questions
  • ​12 Danger Signs That They Might Be Thinking About Cheating

About Brad and Morgan Robinson

Hi, we’re Brad and Morgan Robinson. We’re married with two kids, we’re relationship thought leaders, and we care about your relationship. “Why?” You might ask. Well, because the greatest pain a person can feel is when their family falls apart. We’re both intimately acquainted with that pain. You don’t have to be.

I (Brad) became a marriage and couples therapist over a decade ago because I was tired of seeing friends and family suffer the misery of bad relationships that sometimes ended in a bitter divorce.

As a child of divorce due to infidelity, I made it my life’s mission to help couples heal so they could be the parents and the people they really want to be. Today I am an international marriage and affair recovery expert. I’m a featured TEDx speaker and highlighted in various publications such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and the New York Post.

I (Morgan) help marriages because I want to see families thrive. As a mom, I look at my children and can’t imagine someone else raising them. Someone else tucking them in at night. Or a step-parent, I don’t choose or control, influencing my children.

We’re on a mission to not just restore the intimacy, trust, and love in your marriage; but also to help you see beyond the pain you may feel right now.

We launched our marriage counseling practice in 2009 and our podcast Healing Broken Trust in 2017. Since then we’ve helped over 1 million people restore their relationship, stop their divorce, heal after infidelity, and find hope for their future.

We can help you do the same through 1-on-1 coaching, therapy, and our online programs.

Free Episode Downloads

Free Episode Downloads

  • Quiz: Is Healing Possible For You?
  • ​​First Steps To Healing Guide
  • ​Am I Crazy? Making Sense of Emotions Reflection Questions
  • ​12 Danger Signs That They Might Be Thinking About Cheating

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